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Like never before, students are stepping forward and demanding our elected leaders protect them in schools.

Like never before, America is listening to them.

As students across the country prepare for the March For Our Lives and other coordinated actions to demand action to end gun violence, please take a moment and record a video to tell them how thankful and proud of them you are.

They need to know that their educators, parents, and communities are with them, supporting them.

Record a video thanking the students who are speaking up about gun violence and share it with #ThankYouStudents.

Here’s my message. Check it out:

It can be daunting to be so vocal and visible when the nation is watching your every move. So many students have shown their bravery and tenacity. But there are some that might need a bit more encouragement.

We want to show students the overwhelming support for them in their schools and communities.

As students prepare for the March For Our Lives and other actions across the country, record a video thanking them for taking action to put an end to gun violence in schools. Say #ThankYouStudents so they know you’re with them.

As we all know, today’s youth are particularly poised to be the agents of change that we so desperately need. In my classroom, I saw how hungry my students were to solve our world’s problems. They were unphased by the enormity of the challenges our world faces and ready to do what it takes make real, tangible, permanent change.

So whether you’re showing support for the students in your school or students everywhere, please join me and say #ThankYouStudents for speaking up and demanding an end to gun violence in schools.

In solidarity,

Lily Eskelsen García


National Education Association